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Sherri is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Connecticut. She is a certified Gestalt Therapist, a Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor, and a certified Regression Therapist.

Sherri's choice to become a psychotherapist followed an earlier career in marketing and management. Sherri considers her life as a journey. In her earlier career in business she was consistently fascinated with systems dynamics and the interpersonal and interdependent workings of the corporation. She believes that her earlier experiences grant her a first hand understanding of the real world of many of her clients. She considers her role as a healer as an extension and evolution of her earlier positions.

Sherri's initial role in the field of psychotherapy was working with youths and their families. In this capacity she supported families to resolve issues of chemical dependency, divorce, single parenting, blended families, cultural issues, teen pregnancy, mental illness, and transition.

Sherri then spent several years working in both in and outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment facilities along the East Coast. In this capacity she also treated eating disorders, sexual trauma, and dual diagnosis. Sherri is also versed in domestic and international adoption issues as a result of working directly with adoptive families. In this capacity she assessed and prepared families for their adoptive children. Cultural integration, family dynamics, birth parent sensitivity, and infertility were among her focus.

Sherri went on to become a member of a treatment team comprised of an Osteopathic Physician, Physician Assistants, and Nutritionists. In this capacity she supported individuals to develop effective coping skills, beneficial belief systems, and lifestyles to manage chronic illness, terminal illness, and short-term medical challenges. Sherri also supported individuals to take a preventive approach to their medical care by achieving mental, physical, and spiritual well being.

Sherri formed the Sherri Corbett LLC as a statement of her commitment to supporting others towards mental, physical, and spiritual well being according to the individual's choice. Sherri takes an eclectic approach to meeting her clients' needs and goals. Sherri's professional interests are in the field of mind/body research and psycho-spirituality.

"I believe wellness groups are an excellent format to summon and strengthen our inner healer. Support, encouragement, shared experience, education and positive attitude are invoked in a powerful way in a group setting."

In addition to offering on-line psychotherapy, Sherri maintains private practices in Litchfield and other various Connecticut locations. She also offers Hypnosis and Regression Therapy Workshops.